Payke is dedicated to the safety of our athletes, coaches, families, and community.

We are taking the following precautions to our Recreational Program and Camps to adapt to these challenging times:

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  • Use of a touch-less thermometer to take the kids' temperatures before they enter the workout area as well as screening for noticeable symptoms.

  • Installing touch-less sanitation stations to avoid shared surfaces.

  • Each child will need to purchase their own individual chalk container and chalk, available at the front office.

  • Recreational Classes: Parents are asked to keep their child's belongings during class and meet their child with them as they exit. No more use of cubbies.

  • Camps: Each child will be given their own area of the facility for their belongings and computer to do their distance learning.

  • Class sizes will be limited in order to reduce potential overlap of touched surfaces or shared air and promote social distancing

  • Mats will be cleaned in between classes. Mats will also be cleaned periodically.

  • The restroom will be cleaned more regularly.

  • The drinking fountain will be closed. Kids need their own water bottles.

  • Coaches and staff will wear face coverings while working during Camps and Recreational classes.

  • Parents will be asked to wear face coverings while inside the building as well as keep a minimum of 6 feet apart (space will be very limited in the viewing area, first come first served).

  • There will be minimal class overlap. Ideally, the only people in the building will be the current groups working out and staff. Please wait outside until it is time for your child's class (5 mins early is ok)

  • Participation in practice requires a social contract between all of us. If your kid is sick, keep him/her home, if there's any chance that someone in your household has come in contact with someone infected, keep him/her home. We're all dependent on each other to keep our facility a safe environment

  • Participation in practice does accept a level of risk of infection. If you don't accept that sending your kid to a workout facility has some inherent risk of infection do not send her/him to practice, but wait until the risk is low enough that you can accept it. All participants need to sign our Covid liability waiver.